We are commited to reducing our carbon footprint

With the installation of our unique patented Eco-riteTM system in our facility, we have developed a process which minimises the use of water, natural gas, electricity and tonnes of CO2 produced.

Our system allows us to reuse, recycle, remove heat, and aerate. We believe we have the most sustainable and Eco-Friendly method in wet processing.

By investing in our new Eco-rite™ system, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, but it doesn't just stop there. We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our processes.

What do we save with our Eco-rite™ system?

and so much more

Natural Gas Natural Gas

With Eco-rite™ we save over 45% of our demand. All heat is stripped from any gas used to create the ultimate efficiency. Over the past 12 months we have saved over 637 tons of CO² on Natural Gas alone.

Recycling Recycling

If it can be reused or recycled, then that’s what we do. All packaging materials in our bales, carboard and paper in our office are all recycled. Additionally, our bale wires and packaging can be recycled when they have been used.

Water Water

With Eco-rite™ we not only save and reuse over 55% of water in our wet processing we aerate and cool down any water that goes to drain. This helps massively with local water authorities as it promotes natural cleansing of drainage water. All heat and energy is stripped from our water and reused in our system for maximum efficiency.

Resource Efficiency and Improved Quality on Wool Resource Efficiency and Improved Quality on Wool

With Eco-rite™, we have devised a system that protects and improves the handle of wool after dyeing compared to traditional methods. Our unique system has traces of wool protein that helps prevent wool damage in the dyeing process, it also allows us to use less chemicals that are harmful to the environment. All efficiencies are maximised, water is recycled, heat is reused in all areas of our system.

Electricity Electricity

With the use of electronics, motor controls and high efficiency lighting we save over 15% of electricity. This saves an additional 27tons per year of CO².

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